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CPL fee reduction moves forward in Lansing

Constitutional Carry filed in Lansing!

State Representative Steve Johnson (R-HD 72) just filed Great Lakes Gun Rights’ Constitutional Carry legislation for this session of the Michigan Legislature!

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Registration repeal introduced in Lansing!

You’re more than likely in a government database if you own a pistol in Michigan. Michigan is one of only a handful of states requiring a government permission slip to purchase a pistol, serving as a de facto pistol registration scheme. And law-abiding gun owners in...

Update from Lansing!

I just got home from Lansing and I wanted to provide you a quick update on what is happening in the fight for your gun rights at the Michigan Capitol. I drove there this morning to testify on House Bill 4003, sponsored by State Rep. Matt Hall (R-HD 63), which is a...

Where does he really stand?

I’m sure you’ve seen the headlines already. Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig has officially announced he is joining the field of Republican candidates seeking to challenge Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer in her bid for reelection next year. His official...