The end of due process?

May 19, 2019

Like in so many cases before, the gun control lobby is shamelessly using the blood of innocents to advance their anti-gun agenda.

But this time is even scarier…

I am sure you have seen the news by now that President Trump is advocating for more gun control than former President Obama EVER dreamed of passing.

President Trump, joined by Sens. Dianne Feinstein and John Cornyn, laid out his plan to pass radical gun control.

And I’ve got to tell you, I couldn’t believe what he said.

When talking about gun rights and due process, Trump fired back at Vice President Pence, stating: “take the guns first, go through due process second.”

That’s right; President Trump is calling for the elimination of due process rights, which is the only thing that has prevented numerous innocent Americans, including veterans, from having their guns ripped from their hands.

All it would take is one government bureaucrat slapping a crazy label on your file for your guns to be confiscated.

But that isn’t the only anti-gun demand Trump made.

The President also made it clear that he is pulling a play out of Obama’s handbook and will ban bump stocks without even asking Congress for approval, stating:

“We can do that with an executive order . . . so you won’t have to worry about bump stock, shortly that will be gone.”

Remember during the Obama years when conservatives everywhere, including Donald Trump were railing about then-President Obama’s abuse of executive action?

In 2012, Donald Trump stated “Why is [Barack Obama] constantly issuing executive orders that are major power grabs of authority?”

I could ask President Trump the same question right now.

This is an all-out emergency, and your support now is absolutely vital.

The most important thing you can do right now is sign your NO GUN CONTROL mandate, making it clear to anti-gun officials in Lansing that we will not accept President Trump’s gun control schemes.

If you’ve already signed it, and want to help in the fight, you can click here and forward this email to your Second Amendment loving friends, and chip in to help us continue fighting these schemes.

Right now we are faced with an avalanche of gun control proposals being pushed by both Republicans and Democrats.

Here’s just a taste of some of the other schemes we are facing that President Trump backed at today’s meeting:

***Spending more than $625 MILLION to beef up the Brady-NICS gun control database, barring more Americans from owning firearms.

*** Raising the minimum age to buy or possess a rifle, assuring that a 20-year-old single mother can’t defend her family from a home invader. This bill was just sponsored by Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ).

*** The infamous Toomey-Manchin expanded gun registration proposal that we narrowly defeated in 2013.

*** Gun Violence Confiscation Orders, allowing a family member, disgruntled ex-partner, or roommate to report you to a court and have your guns taken away — ALL WITHOUT TRIAL OR DUE PROCESS.

*** Scrapping concealed carry reciprocity, which was a major campaign promise of Donald Trump.

This is just a small collection of the gun control proposals thrown around during the meeting.

And if we don’t act now, we will see similar anti-gun legislation begin to trickle rammed down our throats in Lansing.

With the Michigan Legislature in session year round, we must always keep a close eye on our State Senators and Representatives.

In addition to fighting back against these new federal threats, we are counting on your support to help fight back against anti-gun restrictions here at the state level being touted by Governor Rick Snyder.

Snyder just last week doubled down on his support for so-called “red flag” legislation which would strip you of your right to keep and bear arms with as little as a false claim being levied against you, with NO due process.

Anti-gunners like Governor Snyder and gubernatorial candidate, Abul El-Sayed are trying to tell law-abiding citizens like you that these laws will make us all safer, but we know the truth.

The government cannot – and will not – keep us safe.

The reality is that it is up to us to be prepared in dangerous situations like what happened in Parkland, and if we don’t fight back NOW and stand up for our Second Amendment Rights, we could be in BIG trouble.

So please click here to sign your No Gun Control mandate today along with a generous contribution.

Whether you give $30 or $20, or even just $5 or $10, it will be greatly appreciated and used judiciously to defend our rights.

We need everyone who cares about the Second Amendment to take a stand.

Your support right now is absolutely critical.

I appreciate everything you’ve done to support the Second Amendment in the past. I hope I can count on you again.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau
Brenden Boudreau
Executive Director

P.S. President Donald Trump has declared his support for eliminating the due process requirement to take guns away from those deemed by the government mentally unfit to own them.

He also sided with radical gun grabbers like Dianne Feinstein on a number of other extreme gun control proposals.

I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes on Fox News just weeks ago.

Here in Michigan, Governor Snyder joined the anti-gun hysteria by calling for new gun control, along with Democrat gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed who is pushing for outright gun bans and gun confiscation orders.

If you are as angry as I am about Michigan gun grabbers jumping on board Trump’s anti-gun betrayal, please click here and sign your NO GUN CONTROL mandate right away!

And once you’ve signed, please consider chipping in $10 or $20 to help defeat every gun control proposal that rears its ugly head in Congress.

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