Republicans vote for Democrat budget with gun control

Jun 30, 2023 | Latest News

Well, this was unexpected, but sadly not all that surprising.

Late last night when no one was watching radical leftist Democrats rammed through the most anti-freedom and anti-gun budget in Michigan state history.

And sadly, five Republican State Representatives (Sarah Lightner, Mark Tisdel, Gina Johnsen, Bill Schuette, and Mike Mueller) and six Republican State Senators (Jon Bumstead, John Damoose, Mark Huizenga, Ed McBroom, Rick Outman, and Michael Webber) voted for it.

In voting for House Bill 4437, these Republicans joined with Democrats to spend $5 million in taxpayer dollars to make it completely illegal to carry in the Michigan State Capitol building where carry has been legal for more than a century.

And if they vote for a gun ban here, they’ll vote for a gun ban anywhere.

Here’s the language from the bill:

       Sec. 651. (1) Funds appropriated in part 1 for Michigan state capitol commission must be allocated as follows:
      (a) $5,000,000.00 to provide security staffing, infrastructure improvements, and equipment, including, but not limited to, X-ray machines, magnetometers, and video and audio equipment necessary to implement a weapons ban, including a ban on concealed pistols under 1927 PA 372, MCL 28.421 to 28.435, in any building or portion of a building under control of the Michigan state capitol commission.

Voting with Democrats to ban guns in the Capitol is not a good look for any Republican, especially when it is part of a larger leftist slush fund budget that gives hand outs to all sorts of liberal constituencies.

Many of these Republicans are hoping you won’t realize what happened last night and will quickly buy their lame excuses for voting for the Democrat budget.

But you and I cannot let them think that they are getting away with it.

If your State Representative or State Senator is a Republican who voted for House Bill 4437, give them a call and share your disappointment with their lack of a spine.

You can find their contact information here:

Find your Senator

Find your State Representative

Here’s the list again of Republicans who voted HB 4437, which contains gun control:

State Representatives: Sarah Lightner, Mark Tisdel, Mike Mueller, Gina Johnsen, Bill Schuette

State Senators: Jon Bumstead, John Damoose, Mark Huizenga, Ed McBroom, Rick Outman, and Michael Webber

With the lack of principles Republicans are showing in Lansing, is it any wonder how Democrats managed to take complete control and have easily turned Republicans into a doormat?

The sad fact is that these Republicans were more than likely bought off by Democrats with millions of taxpayer dollars to get them to vote for this garbage.

It’s going to be a long few years with type of Republican “leadership” in Lansing.

But the good news is that elections are not far off and we have an opportunity to hold these legislators accountable for their bad votes.

We expect Democrats to run roughshod over our rights, but we expect Republicans to actually stand by the principles they campaign on. So when they vote for gun control you and I must make them feel political pain for it.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to do just that and be sure to remain vigilant.

Sadly, by giving the Democrats immediate effect on their budgets Republicans have given Democrats free reign to pass more anti-gun garbage in the months ahead instead of forcing them to adjourn for the year, so we’ll have to remain ready for any fights ahead.

Please consider chipping in $30 or even $10 to help Great Lakes Gun Rights be ready to fight against the next wave of gun control in Lansing.

Or become a monthly GLGR supporter for as little as $5 a month to help us have the needed resources throughout the year.

Thank you for your continued support and activism!

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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