They have no shame

Dec 7, 2022 | Latest News

It’s a fact.

Michigan Democrats want to pass gun control and they want to pass gun control bad.

Ever since the tragedy that struck Oxford just over a year ago, Governor Whitmer and countless Democrats in the Legislature have been demanding more gun control.

But the fact remains is that none of the anti-gun proposals they are pushing would have done a darn thing to stop the shooting, but that doesn’t matter to them.

Even more astonishing is the fact that a year removed from that awful day, details are still coming out that show multiple levels of failure by the school district to implement school safety protocols that could have prevented this shooting in the first place.



According to the Detroit News, the former Oxford School Board President and Treasurer are alleging that ‘the school district failed to fully implement the training of district officials or activate a threat assessment team to address a troubled student who showed warning signs a day earlier…”

In other words, the warning signs were there, but nothing was done because was no one was ready for it.

But that doesn’t matter to Democrats who are hellbent on passing gun control and will use the victims of Oxford as fodder for their agenda.

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Democrats from top to bottom are demanding the passage of what they call “safe storage” laws as the solution that would have prevented the Oxford shooting.

These laws mandate gun owners to store their firearms and ammunition separate from one another in a locked safe, rendering them useless during a home invasion.

Not only are these laws harmful to personal safety, but they are impossible to enforce and downright unconstitutional.

The Center for Crime Prevention Research has shown time and again that states who enact “lock up your safety” laws actually see increases in violent and property crime!

And counter to the narrative the Democrats are cooking up about Oxford, short of sending government agents door to door to every home in the state, there would have been no way to force the parents of the shooter to actually have their firearms locked up even with a storage law.

It’s just another example of the anti-gun crowd using emotions and tragedies to pass “feel good” measures that will actually accomplish nothing but the trampling of our rights.

Their mandatory storage law would have just been yet another law ignored by the shooter on his way to commit murder.

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But Democrats aren’t stopping there.

They’re also calling for due process-shredding “Red Flag” gun confiscation laws which allow government agents to seize legally-owned firearms with very little evidence and without a crime ever having been committed.

They’re claiming that if Michigan just had a “Red Flag” law, the shooting could have been prevented.

But let’s look at the evidence.

The warning signs were there, and they were not properly responded to by the school district, according to at least two former school board members.

They had the tools to remove him from the school, but didn’t.

Not only that, but the shooter was already illegally possessing a firearm, so who would have been red-flagged to stop this?

Yet another gun grabber “solution” in search of a problem.

They have no shame in their quest to strip us of our rights and will use any tragedy to advance their agenda even when they know it would not have made an ounce of difference.

These “Red Flag” gun confiscation laws are an afront to the American judicial system.

They allow your rights to be stripped without due process and force you to go before a court to argue why you shouldn’t have hade your rights to be stripped in the first place, turning our legal system completely on its head!

Of course, they’ll argue that it can be done with “due process,” but by definition there is no form of “Red Flag” law that can be done with full and proper due process.

With the federal government now passing out taxpayer dollars for states to enact “Red Flag” laws, you better believe Governor Whitmer going to make a major play to pass it here.

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No anti-gun push is complete without a push for so-called “universal background checks,” better known as universal gun registration.

Already in Michigan, virtually every pistol purchase is subject to a government background check and the state has a record of every legal purchase made.

I say “every legal purchase made” because criminals do not abide by these laws.

But Democrats in Lansing want to expand this requirement to every firearm purchase in the state.

How would that have stopped the Oxford shooting? Plain and simple. It wouldn’t have. It has nothing to do with what happened. This is just a pure power grab.

Look, I won’t sugar coat it.

Things are bad in Lansing, but all is not lost.

The Democrats maintain VERY narrow majorities in the Legislature and we’re already hearing rumbles that some moderates are concerned about the liberals going too far.

Our gun rights aren’t gone just because Democrats are in power. They still have to take the votes to pass the gun control measures and it isn’t a foregone conclusion that they will have the votes.

But you and I MUST keep the pressure on early and throughout the year if we have any chance of defeating them.

So first we have to make sure that every Republican is line voting against the Democrats’ gun control agenda.

Then we must find at least one Democrat to flip in the whole Legislature! Just one.

But we’re going to have to target at least a dozen to find out which one is the most susceptible to pressure.

We must grow our ranks in these key districts so that we can exert maximum pressure on these vulnerable Democrat lawmakers.

I’m also rolling out a plan for targeted e-mails, postcards, social media ads and more to connect gun owners directly with their legislators.

The more angry voters they have to deal with, the harder it is going to be for them to vote for gun control.

The first thing you can do to help is by clicking here to sign your No Gun Control petition so that I can deliver a fat stack of them to your lawmakers in Lansing!

After signing, please make a generous contribution of $250 to help Great Lakes Gun Rights fight back against this anti-gun power grab.

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Or you can become a monthly contributor of just $10 each month, which would go a long way towards giving GLGR the sustaining support to keep the fight going all year round.

No matter what you can give, I’m truly grateful to have your support.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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