Gun Control in the budget?

Mar 8, 2021

Do you want your tax dollars funding Gretchen Whitmer’s war on open carry?

That is what may happen if the Republican-controlled State Legislature adds Whitmer’s request for five million dollars for a complete ban on lawful carry in the Capitol to the state budget.

As you know, the Michigan State Capitol Commission voted to ban guns at the State Capitol back in January after months of Governor Whitmer and her allies pressuring the commission.

Unfortunately, many Republicans in the legislature have not been standing up to Whitmer and her goons as they rip away your right to self-defense.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey backed Whitmer’s demands to ban open carry in the Capitol, leaving citizens defenseless in a time where rioting, looting, and violent mobs have only increased.

Whitmer wants the Capitol to become a “Gun-Free” zone, better known as a “Criminal-Safe” zone.

No matter how many times they claim otherwise, the facts show that these measures only put people in more danger, with the majority of mass shootings happening in so-called “Gun-Free” zones.

In fact, studies by John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center show 98 percent of mass shootings since 1950 have occurred in so-called “Gun-Free” zones.

And as we saw during the violent riots last year, police can be ordered to stand down and let the violent mobs wreak havoc. Citizens MUST be able to defend themselves in order to be safe.

The state is already grappling with the economic devastation wrought by the heavy-handed executive orders issued by Governor Whitmer over the past year.

The Republican State Legislature may try to appease Whitmer by handing over millions of your tax dollars for her anti-gun schemes, but this will not satisfy her.

Whitmer and the Gun Control Machine is only concerned with the removal of your gun rights at every opportunity.

Rest assured Great Lakes Gun Rights is fighting back against this anti-gun money grab and all other assaults against your Second Amendment rights in Lansing.

We refuse to sit back and watch our rights get negotiated away by weak-kneed Republicans; instead Great Lakes Gun Rights is going on the offensive.

Not only that, we will continue pushing for the repeal of Michigan’s handgun registration scheme and the passage of pro-gun legislation like Constitutional Carry.

Thank you for your support!

For Freedom,
Brenden Boudreau

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