Democrats take complete control in Lansing

Nov 9, 2022 | Latest News

Last night was brutal.

The supposed “Red Wave” did not happen and, in fact, Democrats made massive gains here in Michigan.

Governor Whitmer has won a second term as Governor. So has Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Worst of all, Democrats have taken complete control of the Michigan Legislature for the first time since 1983.

While they now hold slim majorities, 56-54 in the House and evenly split in the Senate 19-19 with Democrat Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilcrist at the tie-breaker, we’ve seen what Democrats do even with the slimmest majorities.

In Virginia, Democrats wasted no time to pass a slew of gun control measures, essentially gutting the Second Amendment and I expect them to try to do the same thing here.

You and I are the bulwark that stands in their way from passing “Red Flag” gun confiscation, universal gun registration, outright gun bans and more.

Look, I don’t fully know why Republicans got their butts handed to them last night, that’ll be a conversation for another day, but right now we have to amass an army to fight back against the gun control onslaught that is coming.

Can I count you to make a generous contribution to help Great Lakes Gun Rights defend our rights in Lansing?

A contribution of $500, $250 or $100 would go a long way to making sure we have the resources needed to protect our Second Amendment rights against the new Democrat majorities in Lansing and the gun control lobby financing them.

You and I MUST make it clear to Democrats that their control in Lansing is tenuous at best and that coming after our gun rights will ensure they will lose control of the Legislature just as quickly as they won it.

This is what gun owners helped do in Virginia, but only after Democrats were able to pass multiple major gun control measures, so it’s on us to make sure that no damage is done to our rights for the next two years.

It’s going to be challenging, but we’ve stopped them before. Michigan gun owners are a force to be reckoned with and we be loud and persistent in our opposition to their radical gun-grabbing agenda.

I know you are disappointed, as am I.

But ultimately our mission remains the same: Defend our Second Amendment rights and hold those accountable who would do harm to our rights.

The gun control lobby has its eyes laser-focused on Lansing and we can’t be caught off guard.

Help Great Lakes Gun Rights fight to defend the Second Amendment by making a generous contribution of $500, $250 or even $100 today.

I understand that may just be too much, especially with inflation till running rampant.

But if you could even make a contribution of $50 or even $30, it would go a long way towards making sure we have the resources needed to keep up the fight in Lansing.

Becoming a $5 monthly donor to GLGR would also help us to have the sustaining support that keeps us in the fight year round.

Just visit our donate page and click “Make it Recurring” to select “Monthly” contributor.

Thank you for your continued support and activism.

Let’s keep up the fight and don’t give them an inch.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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