Vote for gun control, lose their jobs

Feb 20, 2023 | Latest News

Michigan Democrats are charging ahead with their anti-gun agenda and we’re ready to fight back on all fronts.

I’m already rolling out hard-hitting ads, mail, e-mail and text messages — urging pro-gun Michiganders to contact their lawmakers to oppose these radical measures.

But if they charge ahead and pass “Red Flag” gun confiscation, universal gun registration and mandatory storage laws, I’m preparing to work with local activists to recall ANY lawmaker that votes for these radical anti-gun measures.

As you know, “Red Flag” gun confiscation orders (SB 83-86) allow an old roommate, ex-spouse, ex-girlfriend, or ex-boyfriend to file an order against someone with very little evidence, and strip someone of their rights without due process.

The so-called ‘universal background checks’ bills (SB 76-78) are de facto universal gun registration and will make it illegal to loan a close relative or friend a shotgun for hunting.

Finally, the storage laws (SB 79 and 80) disarm law-abiding Michiganders in their own homes and are probably already unconstitutional under the Heller decision.

You see, Michigan law allows voters to recall their elected officials for their behavior in Lansing.

If Democrats, or even any Republicans, decide to trample all over your rights, we don’t have to wait until 2024 to hold them accountable…with enough grassroots energy, recall elections could be held as early as this summer!

I’m already talking with local activists across the state and they are excited about the potential for holding Democrats accountable via a recall if they charge ahead with their anti-Second Amendment Agenda.

Not only that, but we’d also be receiving help from my good friend Joe Neville, Vice President for the National Association for Gun Rights, who recalled THREE Colorado Democrat State Senators back in 2013 when the Colorado General Assembly rammed through gun control that year.

We need as many pro-gun Michiganders activated if we have any hope in derailing the Democrats’ war on gun owners. 

Thank you for your activism and stay tuned for more ways to join the fight!


For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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