Gun control hearings in Lansing?

Dec 30, 2021 | Latest News

Capitol insiders are reporting that hearings on gun control could be starting up in Lansing as soon as lawmakers head back to Lansing in January.

As you recall, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey promised two years ago, on the day of the 2019 Second Amendment March, to give Democrats a hearing on Senator Rosemary Bayer’s due process-shredding “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation bills, and now she is calling in that favor.

And earlier this month, the Detroit News reported that Republican House Speaker Jason Wentworth said that he’s “open” to listening to Democrats’ demands on gun control.

And now Capitol insiders are even reporting that Speaker Wentworth is working with Democrats to hold special hearings on gun control in the New Year.

This weak-kneed response from Lansing Republicans in the face of the calls for gun control should send chills down your spine.

This is how it happens every time gun control passes in a Republican-controlled legislature.

The calls for hearings quickly turn to calls to “do something” and next thing you know we have Republican-sponsored gun control getting sent to Governor Whitmer’s desk to be signed into law.

We need to respond loudly if we have any chance of stemming the growing calls for gun control before it’s too late.

So please sign your “No Gun Control, No Deals!” petition today and then forward this email to your pro-gun friends and family to get them involved!

Your signed petition will send a clear message to your lawmakers that you reject the calls for more failed gun control and you expect them to stand up for your rights, not cower in fear.

Anti-gun Democrats have wasted no time filing gun control bill after gun control bill in the wake of the Oxford shooting, despite the growing evidence that none of their proposals would have stopped the assailant from carrying out his murderous attack.

Here’s just a few proposals Democrats in Lansing are pushing:

● Government-mandated “lock up your safety” storage laws requiring gun owners to lock up their firearms, leaving them defenseless in their own homes against armed intruders.

● Government-mandated waiting periods requiring law-abiding citizens to wait up to a week to obtain their lawfully purchased firearm.

● Magazine capacity limits outlawing standard capacity magazines and criminalizing anything that holds more than a handful rounds.

● “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation orders allowing firearms and gun rights to be stripped from citizens without a crime ever having been committed.

● So-called “Universal Background Checks,” better known as Universal Gun Registration that requires every gun transfer to be approved by a bureaucrat and gives the government a record of every firearm you own.

These, and more, are things that Democrats are demanding hearings on and Republican legislative leadership appears poised to give in to them.

So while other Republican-controlled legislatures are passing Constitutional Carry, Michigan Republicans are playing footsy with the Gun Control Lobby.

This is outrageous and must be stopped AT ONCE!

You can help by signing your “No Gun Control, No Deals” petition by clicking here.

It’s not surprising that anti-gunners are trying to seize this moment to try to infringe on our Constitutional rights.

That’s always been their playbook, and to be honest they aren’t even the biggest threat.

The biggest threat is the “pro-gun” Republicans and holding hearings and eventually passing “reasonable restrictions” our constitutional rights.

Politicians who will say and do anything for a little positive attention from the anti-gun press, including throwing gun owners under the bus, are a serious threat to our Second Amendment rights.

That’s exactly what happened in Florida, where Republican supermajorities in the state legislature wrote, introduced, and implemented one of the most anti-gun “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation schemes in the country back in 2018.

And they also stripped away the right for adults under 21 to even buy hunting rifles.

They even went as far as to talk about how “pro-gun” they were as they stripped away the due process rights of gun owners across Florida.

If it can happen in Florida, it can certainly happen here.

Unless we stop them.

So please join GLGR in fighting new gun control by clicking here and signing the “No Gun Control, No Deals” petition today!

I’m ready to go drop a fat stack of your signed petitions on the desk of your lawmakers to show them that advancing any anti-gun restrictions will come at a high political cost.

This is the best way to fight back and I can only do it with your help.

After you sign, please consider chipping in $10, $20, $30 or more to help GLGR reach more people in this important fight.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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