Gun control groups are looking to spend big in 2020 and Michigan is on the top of their target list.

According to The Hill, Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety “alone plans to spend at least $60 million in the 2020 elections.”

With Michigan’s status of a swing state, the Gun Control Lobby is intent on making sure that President Trump doesn’t win the Great Lakes State…

…and while they are at it they are plotting to buy control of the Michigan House of Representatives, just as they did in Virginia last year.

While the Michigan Senate isn’t up in 2020, if anti-gun Democrats take control of the House, they are going to work hand-in-hand with Governor Whitmer to put as much pressure on the Republican Majority Leader Mike Shirkey to pass gun control.

And with Shirkey already promising hearings on “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation and some Senate Republicans rumored to be opposed to common sense pro-gun legislation like Constitutional Carry, this could be a disaster in the making.

You see, the first major gun control package anti-gun lawmakers forced through in Virginia was universal gun registration, just like they did in Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado.

More than half the Democrats in both the Michigan House and Senate have signed on to Universal Gun Registration legislation that was filed in December.

They are champing at the bit to get in the majorities to force through their radical agenda.

That’s why it’s crucial for pro-gun Michiganders to show their opposition to this Obama-era gun control proposal NOW before they have a chance to take power.

Click here to sign your petition showing you oppose universal gun registration TODAY!

While it is unlikely that either of these packages, HB 5275-5277 in the House and SB 678-680 in the Senate, will pass, the fact that 32 House Democrats and 13 Senate Democrats have cosponsored them should send shivers down your spine.

This is the most anti-gun batch of Democrats ever elected here in Michigan and they aren’t afraid to hide their radical views.

And that means, should they take control in Lansing, they are going to use it to send Universal Gun Registration to Governor Whitmer’s desk, and she will sign it in to law.

Look no further than Virginia where Democrats ran on the platform of Universal Gun Registration and received millions of dollars in support from the Gun Control Lobby to win majorities in their legislature.

One of the first bills they passed once in Richmond was universal gun registration, which will be on disgraced Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s desk to become law in a matter of days.

When anti-gun Democrats took control in the once Republican-controlled states of Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado, the first measure they went for in each was Universal Gun Registration.

Don’t think it can happen here? Think again…

Michigan already has this system established for pistols. While it is not a complete registry, there is a mandate for Universal Background Checks (UBC) for pistol ownership in our state.

And Universal Background Checks are the system by which a record of every would-be gun owner is tracked by the government.

Anti-gun Democrats are just trying to build upon what we already have here.

Help us oppose this radical measure by signing your Stop Universal Gun Registration petition today!

Your signed petition will be delivered to your lawmakers, urging them to reject this Obama-era gun control measure.

Despite the mounds of evidence that Universal Background Checks do nothing to deter crime (and actually are used far more often to wrongfully deny people their rights), the gun control crowd still pushes this as their soup de jour.

They know that UBC’s are the foundation for universal gun registration, which can then be used for outright gun confiscation.

Once they know who buys the guns, they’ll know who owns the guns, and then they will confiscate them, just as we’ve seen in other nations and even here in the states (California).

It’s crucial for pro-gun Michiganders to draw a line in the sand that clearly says “NO MORE GUN CONTROL.”

If these radical anti-gun Democrats, or any other lawmakers, don’t hear opposition to universal gun registration before it has a chance of passing, they’ll just assume that you and I are okay with this “common sense” gun control.

And that’s exactly how they are billing it.

Yet as we are seeing in California, their new background check requirement on ammunition has wrongfully denied 62,000 people of their right to purchase ammo.

The Brady-NICS system is horribly flawed, with countless law-abiding gun owners being wrongfully denied their gun rights for simply having the same or similar name as a criminal.

Yet Democrats in Lansing want to expand this system to every firearm purchase so that they can ultimately have control over every firearm purchase in the state.

This mandate will just turn average Michiganders into criminals for selling a firearm to a friend, loaning a hunting rifle to a neighbor or handing down a family heirloom if they do so without first obtaining government permission.

Universal Background Checks, better known as universal gun registration, at best are a placebo with no actual impact on crime deterrence.

At worse, they are a devious scheme dreamed up by gun controllers bent on taking complete control of firearm ownership in Michigan.

Help us derail this scheme before it even gets out the gate by signing your petition today.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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