Gun confiscation coming to Oakland County?

Aug 23, 2022 | Latest News

I just received word from a reliable contact in Oakland County that the Board of Commissioners is flirting with passing their own county-level “Red Flag” gun confiscation ordinance!

And Republican Commissioners may be working with the Democrat majority to get it done.

As you know, these due process-shredding laws do nothing to prevent violent crime and only put law-abiding citizens and our law enforcement officers who must execute these orders at risk.

Please click here to send the Oakland County Board of Commissioners an e-mail telling them to oppose “Red Flag” laws at once!

These laws are flat out unconstitutional as they allow government agents to seize lawfully owned firearms from law-abiding citizens with no crime having been committed and without the accused getting a chance to face his accuser.

These are bedrock principles of the American judicial system and at least half of the rights protected by the Bill of Rights are getting tossed by governments across the country all in the name of “safety” without any evidence that “Red Flag” laws will actually do what they claim they do.

Look no further than the high profile shootings in Highland Park, Illinois and Buffalo, New York, both states with “Red Flag” laws and in which both states’ “Red Flag” laws failed to stop the shooter, despite clear evidence of the shooters being threats well ahead of time.

The gun control lobby is making a major push to pass a “Red Flag” law here in Michigan and since you’ve been stopping them in Lansing, they are now apparently trying to get it done in Michigan’s second most populous county.

Not only are “Red Flag” gun confiscation laws clearly unconstitutional, but it’s our belief that Oakland County doesn’t even have the authority to pass ANY form of gun control at the county level, as Michigan law prevents local jurisdictions from regulating “”the ownership, registration, purchase, sale, transfer, transportation, or possession of pistols, other firearms, or pneumatic guns.”

But that won’t stop radical, lawless liberals from pushing these policies, so that’s why it’s up to you to contact the Oakland Board of Commissioners and tell them NO “Red Flag” laws in Oakland County!

You can send a quick email to the whole board by clicking here.

Or you can draft your own email and say something like this:

Dear Commissioners,

I urge you to oppose due process-shredding gun confiscation orders. These laws violate at least half of the rights protected under the Bill of Rights, nor does Oakland County have the authority to pass gun restrictions at the local level.

Great Lakes Gun Rights will keep me informed on your actions.


Every email they receive will send a clear message that they have kicked the hornets’ nest and that they should think twice about violating their constituents’ constitutional rights.

So after you send your email, please forward this to your family and friends that live in Oakland County and ask them to take action TODAY.

Your action today is crucial to preventing gun control zealots picking up a win in Oakland County and using it as a beachhead to pass even more gun control laws in Michigan.

So thank you for your quick activism.

And, if you can, please chip in a small donation of $5 or even $10 to help us have the resources on hand to fight this “Red Flag” ordinance should they decide to try to pass it.

We’re even prepared to go to the courts if need be to protect your rights.

As soon as I know more, I’ll let you know.

For Freedom,

Brenden Boudreau

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