BREAKING: Vote on Gun Ban on Monday!

Jan 8, 2021


We just received word that the Capitol Commission is moving to ban open carry at the Michigan Capitol on Monday!

That’s why I need you to click here to send a message to the members of the commission and demand they oppose banning guns at Michigan’s Capitol!

This is another in a long line of gun control attempts by the political class in Lansing.

Predictably, this push comes in the aftermath of the events in Washington, D.C. on January 6th.

Politicians and bureaucrats can never let a good crisis go to waste.

Despite our nation’s capital being one of the most gun-controlled areas of our nation, it did nothing to stop what happened.

In reality, this is all about restricting the rights of law-abiding Michiganders.

Of course, you and I both know that banning guns anywhere makes everyone LESS safe.

But rather than paying attention to the facts, the commission is allowing the radical Left and the mainstream media to drive the false narrative that guns are the problem.

Despite the hand-wringing and fearmongering of the radical anti-gunners, the fact is that there has yet to be an intentional or negligent discharge of a firearm in Michigan’s Capitol.

That’s over 100 years without a single incident!

But this is how the anti-gunners work…

Despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, they push forward with their disastrous policies with blatant disregard for the facts.

That’s why I need your help to stop this assault on our rights by demanding the commission vote to not ban open carry at Michigan’s Capitol!

Not only would this ban violate the First and Second Amendments to the United States Constitution, but it is also a violation of state law.

The Michigan State Capitol Commission has even admitted they don’t have the authority to unilaterally ban guns at the Capitol.

You may remember that we’ve defeated this very gun control last year, but we told you they’d be back.

Now it is up to you to stop them once again.

So please click here to send a message to the members of the Capitol Commission today!

Please also forward this link to your pro-gun family and friends to get them involved.

Thank you in advance for your continued support!

For Freedom,
Brenden Boudreau

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