Are Republicans Caving?

October 20, 2020

If they vote to ban guns in the Capitol, they’ll vote to ban them anywhere.

As you know, it’s been a challenging couple weeks for Michigan gun owners.

First, we caught wind of House Republican leadership in Lansing flirting with banning the lawful carry of firearms in the Michigan Capitol.

Their half-cocked idea seemed to be a late night ploy to leverage banning guns as a bargaining chip to get something from Governor Whitmer.

Then, Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson gave herself the authority to ban lawful open carry of firearms in polling places.

Great Lakes Gun Rights is working with other gun groups to fight this latest abuse by the Democrat-controlled executive branch.

Now, it comes out this week that two conservative-leaning Republican State Representatives are open to banning guns in the Capitol.

Republican State Rep. Matt Hall (District 63) told the Detroit News he would support banning open carry in the galleries “at minimum,” leaving the door WIDE open for something even more restrictive.

His term-limited colleague Rep. Aaron Miller (District 59) said that he “would only want to ban open carry in the whole building or just in the galleries.”

If this is what supposed “pro-gun” Republicans are saying, what legislative leadership and the more liberal members of the caucus are open to will only be worse.

With House Speaker Lee Chatfield talking to the press yet again about how the legislature has authority to ban guns in the Capitol, the table is set for the Republican-controlled legislature to hold a vote on banning guns in the lame duck session after the election.

So after Republicans beg for the votes of gun owners to keep them in power, it appears they are going to turn around and vote for gun control.

Is it any wonder why gun owners have trust issues with the Republican Party?

The need to “do something” in Lansing is at a fever pitch.

And rather than standing firm for your right to keep and bear arms by letting this issue die in the headlines, Republicans are bent on “taking action,” even if it means betraying gun owners by passing gun control.

They’re borrowing a page from the Obama-Biden Playbook of “never letting a crisis go to waste” to punish law-abiding gun owners for the actions of terrorists by erecting yet another “Gun-Free” zone.

Of course, you and I both know that banning guns anywhere makes everyone LESS safe.

Take, for example, what happened recently outside the Colorado State Capitol -- where guns are banned and carry outside is regulated -- a father was shot and killed by an armed thug during a peaceful protest.

Is that the vision of Republican leadership in Lansing?

Rather than standing up for your rights, they are allowing the radical Left and the mainstream media drive the narrative that guns are the problem.

Look, I get it. Recent events have complicated the issue, but the fact remains that erecting yet another “Gun-Free” zone would do nothing to improve safety at the Capitol.

The Republican-controlled legislature flirting with banning guns at the Capitol to placate the political Left is akin to blaming gun owners for the actions of criminals, which is the M.O. of the Gun Control Lobby.

Gun owners expect more from the supposedly “pro-gun” Republican Party.

Each Republican who votes for a gun ban in the lame duck session of the Michigan Legislature will forever have their records tarnished for voting against the Second Amendment when it mattered most.

And Great Lakes Gun Rights will be sure to notify their pro-gun constituents of their betrayal the next time their name appears on the ballot.

If our politicians won’t respect our constitutional rights on the State Capitol grounds, how can we expect them to support the Second Amendment with pro-gun policies like Constitutional Carry?

We are Michigan’s no compromise gun rights organization, and we have zero plans of backing down from that position.


For Freedom,



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